Teaching yourself (and your children) te reo

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more te reo Maori, starting to introduce words into everyday conversations with your children is a wonderful way to start. Not only will you be teaching yourself, but you’ll also be teaching your children!

Talking Matters NZ also recommends reading books in te reo Maori with your tamaiti is an easy way to introduce new kupu (words). Ahakoa iti, akona, korerohia - learn a little, use a little. Give pepi and tamariki space to take a turn and take time to describe the pictures.

Children learn so much from taking part in a conversation. A turn doesn't have to be a word for little ones. Noises, body language and pointing count. We are very lucky in New Zealand that there are plenty of books available in both te reo Maori and bi-lingual language for all ages.

Visit your local library for some pukapuka ideas or use Auckland Library catalogue to order books online. Also, Te Papa Tongarewa have a Te reo Maori pukapuka mahi (Maori language activity book) to download. This is a great way to involve the whole whanau!

Here are some other online resources you may find useful:





And if you’re keen to try more formal learning, here’s a great resource to help you find a course near you: