How we can help

Please contact Moretalk if you have concerns about someone who could benefit from our support. We can meet at a time and place that suits you, to assess the needs of your family member and provide recommendations for treatment.


We often say to family, “If in doubt – refer”. The initial contact with the SLT will always give you answers and a plan of what next, whether this is guidance in seeking solutions from other agencies or seeing one of our team for an assessment.


If you have concerns about your child’s ability with any of the following behaviours or actions, we encourage you to contact us for an initial assessment with one of our team.


Come and talk with us if your child is struggling to:

  • Point objects out, tell you about it, or request it (for toddlers)

  • Develop a wide range of vocabulary

  • Put words together to form a sentence

  • Listen to and understand instructions and questions

  • Keep fluent in speech (i.e. not stutter)

  • Start and keep a conversation going

  • Read or write at an age-appropriate level

  • Socialise with peers


For adults, we can assist with people who:

  • Need assistance with communication following a stroke or brain injury

  • Need assistance with stuttering strategies

  • Have unclear articulation

  • Have difficulty using speech and language to communicate wants / needs, and hold a conversation.