Therapy for children

If your child is having trouble communicating, we can help. Speech Language Therapy for children involves identifying the unique challenges faced by your child and then giving you and your child strategies to help them develop and overcome these challenges.


Moretalk provides full speech and language assessment services and take a flexible approach to our intervention. We will work in the best environment for the needs of the child.  


We can work one-on-one with your child in our family-friendly clinic in Whangarei, or we can arrange to meet your child in the home or at school. We provide support and programmes for parents to work at home with their children and also liaise with teachers and teacher aides as needed.


We work with children challenged by a wide range of issues, including:

  • Developmental disabilities such as Downs’ Syndrome and Autism

  • Speech, phonology, articulation and apraxia of speech

  • Stuttering

  • Language delay and disorder

  • Pre-reading and reading skills

  • Conversational pragmatics

  • Alternative means of communication e.g. PECS, Coreboard, and high tech solutions (working alongside other professionals)