How we work

Within a court setting, we assist throughout the entire justice process, from initial interviews through to the trial and hearing, as well as helping to communicate the outcomes of these processes, for example, sentencing.


Following assessment, we may assist in a range of situations including:

  • Witness interviews, police suspect interviews and lawyers’ interviews;

  • Court Education visits;

  • Family Group Conferences (FGC’s);

  • Advising the Court at pre-trial hearings on directions for adapting trial processes;

  • Advising on lawyers’ preparation for direct and cross-examination;

  • Monitoring and assisting witnesses and lawyers at court during direct and cross-examination;

  • Monitoring and assisting defendants’ or civil parties’ participation in and understanding of the trial/hearing process;

  • Advising and assisting police/prosecutors with preparation and presentation of Victim Impact Statements;

  • Assisting probation officers in offender interviews for pre-sentence reports; and

  • Assisting defence counsel to explain outcomes and sentences to offenders.